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About this website

On one hand, I feel like my intended “to-do” list for this site is miles and miles long.

On the other hand, I don’t want to write any of that stuff down on the site itself, because it implies that the site can somehow be “done.” It won’t ever be done, it’s just going to stick around and keep changing and getting new content forever.


I am of an age where I remember the original earlyweb/personal-website/handcrafted years. Writing each individual HTML file, uploading it to AngelFire, not being able to reliably preview your work in-place because of browser differences. Those years weren’t good, but they were still better than what we’ve traded them for— huge money, corporate megaliths, soulless profile pages that all match, the surveillance state, the list goes on.

That being said, this site is powered by a stack that does a little bit of the heavy lifting for me.

Created With Jekyll & some completely custom templates.

  • If you are already predisposed to be a computer toucher, I can highly recommend a static site generator in your programming language of choice. Jekyll is probably the most popular Ruby one, and I picked it because I already know Ruby and it’s easy to get going.

Hosted on NearlyFreeSpeech, my favorite hosting service for flat-file sites. Does domains, email, and hosting on a pay-as-you-go basis. Rather than paying a monthly fee, it’s nice to instead get an email when the account funding runs low and you need to top it up.


Email: 💎pyroclastica@💎.kz
Not all email clients support sending emails to emoji addresses (gmail and Apple Mail both seem to work?).

Twitter: @pyr0clastica