Game Reivew - ActRaiser


Completed on 23 December 2022

Ending Screen

ActRaiser ending screen

Notes & Commentary

  • The premise of switching between a side scrolling action game and a civilization simulator doesn’t really sound like it could work, but it worked really well in this case. Especially for such an early SNES title.
  • City building mechanics are a little wonky, but you eventually get the hang of it. There is definitely a lot of reward in getting deep into this game and all its’ menus and actually understanding it
  • For some reason has a reputation for being kinda hard, but it really isn’t. The controls take some getting used to, because you can’t change direction while in midair. Some of the level design is also pretty brutal. But the continue system is very fair, and battery saves are supported.
  • The narrative, character design, and music all go extremely well together. There are times before a big boss fight where the music cranks up that “80’s action hero” feeling, it’s very satisfying.
  • Nothing in this game is so complicated or cryptic that it’s hard to understand today. This definitely belongs on the list of “still worth playing.”
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