Game Reivew - Dragon Warrior III

Dragon Warrior III

Completed on 21 December 2020

Ending Screen

Dragon Warrior III ending screen

Notes & Commentary

  • The only way to play these games is to follow a walkthrough exactly; clearly you were meant to buy a strategy guide with this
  • Because of the class system, there actually seems to be some replay value here. Original had a battery save system so you could continue your game if you shut off your console. Don’t know what happens when you reload that file after beating the game.
  • Beat final boss with the default party, everyone around lv 43-44. All walkthroughs make this sound harder than it is but if you get the Stone of Light so that Zoma is cut from 2000 to 1000HP, it’s not bad.
  • Actually a prequel to all other Dragon Warrior games, but they did that 2nd gen Pokemon thing where after you ‘beat’ the first world, you’re sent to the world from the earlier game, which in this game exists before any of the events of DW1. Having both of these worlds on one cart makes the game feel HUGE.
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