Game Reivew - Faxanadu


Completed on 23 December 2020

Ending Screen

Faxanadu ending screen

Notes & Commentary

  • Originally didn’t want to play this because I heard so many bad things about NES ports of PC/etc games. None of my fears were founded, this game plays awesome.
  • Reviewers also all say the controls are wonky, but I didn’t think they were that bad.
  • Sorta another ‘must-use-a-walkthrough’ game in that you can really mess up if you don’t buy the right amount of keys for the right area.
  • Next-to-last boss (purple dragon thing flying around) was MUCH HARDER than the real final boss.
  • System of buying new armor & spells is actually really rewarding.
  • Feels Bloodborne-ish in that you have 2 bars to manage (health & magic), a limited amount of healing with each run you do, and possible areas to farm if you get in a jam.
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