Game Reivew - Kirby's Dream Land 2

Kirby's Dream Land 2

Completed on 29 March 2022

Ending Screen

Kirby's Dream Land 2 ending screen

Notes & Commentary

  • When I started this game, I wouldn’t have thought that I remembered very much, but that is totally wrong. Every level I struggled with as a child came instantly rushing back when I got there, it was a nice little nostalgia trip.
  • I don’t remember whether I beat this game back when I originally had it, but as an adult, I thought it was extremely difficult for a Kirby game.
  • There might be some kind of New Game+ stashed in here somewhere, but I think I would need an entirely new file to get at it. I did something really dumb with this save file:
    • Bonus content is unlocked at 100% completion and up.
    • I am missing a total of 7% completion.
    • 6 of that 7 % comes from the “Bonus Stage” challenges you can do in each boss room after you beat the boss itself.
    • Trouble is, in order to get % credit for each one, you have to beat those bonus stages BEFORE you complete the mainline game.
    • I did not know this; I thought I could finish the game (including the “real” final boss, from getting every rainbow shard) then come back and tackle the Bonus Stages later.
    • WRONG. The bonus stages seem not to increase % completion at all any more. I beat one of them and the number didn’t go up.
  • Since there is no Bonus Stage on lv.7, the remaining 1 of 7 % comes from finding Girl Gooey in an Animal Friend bag.
  • Anyway, my only complaint about this game is that the controls are a little wonky. I think it’s way too easy to accidentally push 🔼 on the d-pad and end up in ‘flying’ mode, which causes this whole cascade of problems:
    • You move much slower than a jump
    • To get out of it, you spit out air, which can damage the star containing the power you just lost (if you were trying to jump away from damage)
    • The in/out animation takes forever to complete, so if you do it while trying to dodge something, you almost always get hit again
  • I don’t think that problem is due to the Analogue; I remember thinking the same thing about my original GB Pocket back in the day.
  • Everything else about the game is really awesome. It has aged incredibly well; I would even hook this up to the Pocket Dock and play it on the big screen if I had the rest of the hardware.
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