Game Reivew - Mega Man Battle Network 2

Mega Man Battle Network 2

Completed on 18 August 2023

Ending Screen

Mega Man Battle Network 2 ending screen

Notes & Commentary

  • This particular completion is only good for 1 star; I have not done any of the postgame stuff or been to the WWW at all.
  • For me, BN2 is the sweet spot of Battle Network games. The first one is too simplistic, and later ones are too complicated. It is, however, easy to see why so many of these got made. The gameplay is so, so, so much fun.
  • In the last levels (Gospel computers in the Apartment) there’s even a throwback to old MegaMan music.
  • The funnest way to play this game is to build a Gater folder as soon as possible, then use that to go around collecting all the chips you actually want. The entire game can be as hard or easy as you make it.
  • I had this when it was released, but could never even get to the FreezeMan fight. Feels good to come back and get all the way through it.
  • The only part which can be a little annoying is how long some of the fetch quests are. The world of this game is really, really big, and getting between all the areas can be time consuming. For me, this isn’t a dealbreaker, because the artwork, settings, people, and stuff to interact with all keeps the world interesting.
  • Overall, belongs in the “still worth playing today” list. Highly recommend.
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