Game Reivew - Metroid


Completed on 13 January 2021

Ending Screen

Metroid ending screen

Notes & Commentary

  • Genuinely a good feeling of accomplishment for winning this one legitimately. Seems like a gamer rite of passage.
  • The things people say about the map are mostly true, but having done it once, doing it again wouldn’t be that hard. Memorizing the areas themselves isn’t that bad because they’re all so distinct. Norfair looks nothing like Brinstar, etc.
  • Soundtrack is just as incredible as everyone says, probably better. I’ve listened to all these songs countless times; hearing the source material rules.
  • The missiles-running-out thing is bad game design. If you end up on the final level with 0 missiles, you have to backtrack for more because metroids can’t be killed any other way.
  • Interesting that the Wave Beam isn’t needed at all. Since you can’t readily switch between Ice and Wave, you have to run around collecting whichever one you want. This makes it easier to just stick with the Ice Beam all game.
  • Kraid & Ridley both feel like “fair” bosses (though they’re kinda easy if you keep up with getting energy tanks) but the final boss, Mother Brain, DOES NOT FEEL fair. The way you can be knocked into the lava in front of her, and the extremely frustrating way you have to get out (which never works) makes it seem like you have to just sit there and watch yourself die. But I guess it forces you to learn quick how to not let that happen.
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