Game Reivew - Shadowrun


Completed on 23 August 2022

Ending Screen

Shadowrun ending screen

Notes & Commentary

  • If you are predisposed to be a fan of older sci-fi (Neuromancer, Blade Runner, etc), this game is extremely for you.
  • Seriously, you will know within the first 45 minutes or so whether this game is “for you.”
  • There aren’t that many massive, sprawling, story-driven RPG’s on the SNES; this one is especially ambitious, and I think it really works.
  • When you first sit down to play this game, the first thing you will notice is how wonky the controls are. There is no papering over this. They are not good. However, stick with the game for an hour or so until you get used to the controls. The payoff is worth it.
  • It’s a good thing that story and exploration (and even a little grinding) is there to keep you going, because the pacing of this game is very strange. There is a ‘Magic’ mechanic that you don’t get at all until the end game
  • There is also a “computer hacking” mechanic which is absolutely core to the end game, but which you aren’t even able to do until you’re halfway there.
  • Artwork, setting, and aesthetic are just perfect once you’ve been playing for a while and you give yourself over to it.
  • The named enemies (bosses etc) are all interesting, but other than that, there is not much enemy variety. In fact, this describes pretty much everything about the combat. Other than the last 2 levels, combat is never difficult, but that doesn’t really matter because that isn’t what this game is about. The only reason to grind for cash to get more armor and guns is because you want to go to new places to move the story along and find more information.
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