Game Reivew - Sword of Hope

Sword of Hope

Completed on 31 August 2021

Ending Screen

Sword of Hope ending screen

Notes & Commentary

  • It’s amazing how fast I got sick of this one. First things first, Fire Emblem Gaiden was the first one of these I used any emulator features on, and I’ve done it again on this one. Need a victory after this, because winning that way feels really bad.
  • The first 80% of the game is great, and a lot of fun. I even drew out the maps by hand. This style is exactly what I was expecting when I played Uninvited (which is not a very good game)
  • The last 20% of the game is downright awful. Terrible balancing, like it’s begging you to go grind, but with no real place to do it. It feels like a complete chore, like you’re being disrespected somehow. I got so tired of it that I didn’t even draw a map of the final area. Even if I had wanted to, I don’t know how I’d have done it; way too many ‘teleport’ points that drop you into the middle of nowhere.
  • The only good thing about some of the final levels is that the music is great.
  • This is also the first GB game on the list, and I played it with a NES controller. I want to do other GB games, but it might be best to wait until the Analoge Pocket I preordered comes in
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