Game Reivew - Uninvited


Completed on 13 January 2021

Ending Screen

Uninvited ending screen

Notes & Commentary

  • Honestly not entirely different from some of the text adventures I’ve played on the computer.
  • Every one of these games has some requirement that it would be literally impossible to know without looking it up. In this one, it’s the damn candles. You can pick up several candles while running around this house, and all can be lit using the matches. But, when opening the secret passage in the old church, the only way to make the ghost outside go away, is to be holding a lit candle that you found inside the church. None of the other candles in the game will work. The reason why is never explained.
  • The ruby thing adds a layer of depth, I liked it. Would have never known that the outside is the only place I can trash items though, I had to look that up.
  • Overall fine, but there isn’t any gameplay here, it’s just a read-em-up.
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