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Aural Sensations

As an Internet, I am constantly Going on the Computer. Rarely am I ever listening to nothing— I love podcasts, music, and internet radio. This page details a selection of some of my favorite stuff.



The best podcast app. The redesign released in March of 2022 made it even better. I put different shows in different Playlists; one for "Completionist" (have to hear every episode), one for Driving, one for Cleaning, etc. Probably my favorite feature is how easy it makes it to just download one episode and put it in a "Queue" playlist, so you can decide whether a show is for you before you commit to subscribing.


For listening to internet radio. Includes a built-in selection of stations which is really big. You can also add your own, by URL. In fact, the exact addresses to the streams are linked below, so if you're using Triode, you can easily copy and paste them right in.

Plus, it is really awesome how both of these work on my phone and computer and keep all information in sync with each other.


I listen to a really long list of podcasts, but here are a few which are friends of the “old internet,” or generally on strange, lesser-known topics.

Radio Stations

Yesterweb Radio

Direct link:



Direct link:


Radio Garden

Shows internet radio stations around the world. Finding a good college radio station on here is maximum comfy.